we are the luckiest.

Is this real? Did I really just win $1500 worth of baby products from some of the best, most adorable brands? And how is it that we don’t already have ANYTHING that was offered? Seriously, on cloud 9. JoMo and I could not be luckier.


This week, I noticed this #showusyourbump giveaway through a blogger I already follow. The only requirements were to “simply share a picture of your bump OR repost this image on Instagram for a chance to win.” I wound up posting only two pictures to the hashtag, I followed all 5 brands on Instagram and used the app at the bottom of the post to sign up for emails and earn a few extra entries. Easy and quick.


AND I WON! Can you believe it???? A brand new crib from The Land of Nod, a sink tub from Puj Baby, two Solly Baby wraps, four moccasins from Freshly Picked and three packages from The Honest Company! I mean holy cow! I follow many bloggers who use these products and have had some friends who are HUGE advocates of The Honest Company. I can’t wait to receive these packages and have our new little girl here to try them all out.

I’ll keep you posted when we receive these items – I’ve already had 2 of the 5 brands contact me! Thanks for all the Facebook and Instagram love the past couple days 🙂


mr. alarm clock, we’ve got problems.

As my family and close friends know, I have no trouble falling asleep. I think we could probably have a fun little contest between family and fabs of who has more pictures of this exact thing.

2012-09-14 06.09.18

But we don’t need to play that game. Moving on. So while I fall asleep on the couch almost every night occasionally, I also have big problems waking up. As my old roomies (both Amanda and Sarah) would attest to, I snooze my alarm clock every single morning and often for over an hour. When I was single, it wasn’t too terrible. I didn’t wake my roommates that often.

Now I’m married. And you’d think having an other half would help me get up on the first ring. Or even the second. The problem is JoMo does it tooooo! Nooooo!!! Now my habit and his habit have become our habit. And we can’t get out of bed. 

We’ve tried putting our phones on the other side of the room, in which case we’ll get out of bed, grab our phones, hit snooze and lie back down. We’ve tried using a real alarm clock (not our phones), but alas I have trust issues and still use my phone and the pattern continues.

So aside from all the “go to bed on time” or “eat better” or “have a routine” or any of those lifestyle adjustments that we try over and over – what alarm clocks are you using? What system do you have that gets you out of bed? Any good apps? Or are we just freaks of nature that can’t be helped?

my standing desk

So why in the world would I ask our (wonderfully accommodating) facilities department to raise my desk height to 44 inches?

Well, apparently sitting kills

I’ll admit, when I first saw this drastic infographic, I almost dismissed it as too extreme. But then I calculated how many hours I sit on an average day… I now stand at my desk everyday.

Sitting Kills