mo’ baking

As most everyone knows, I am not the baker in this family. My sister has made crazy awesome things out of sugar (and overall pretty freaking crafty). That being said, I do want to toot my own horn. Perhaps call a bake-off?

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been doing a lot of baking. And not just any old baking. Baking from scratch. A new friend of mine sent me this link with 33 mouth-watering, bake from scratch, pretty darn easy cupcakes and frosting combos. I’ve tried different combinations, but my favorites are #33 chocolate cupcake and #22 nutella frosting.


For the super bowl yesterday, I forgot until about 2pm that we signed up to bring dessert. I was able to bake these cupcakes with ingredients I had at home – I didn’t have to run to the store to pick up a box. Saving time and baking from scratch? #success

I certainly haven’t made the majority of these, so report back on what you try and like! Happy baking!


mr. alarm clock, we’ve got problems.

As my family and close friends know, I have no trouble falling asleep. I think we could probably have a fun little contest between family and fabs of who has more pictures of this exact thing.

2012-09-14 06.09.18

But we don’t need to play that game. Moving on. So while I fall asleep on the couch almost every night occasionally, I also have big problems waking up. As my old roomies (both Amanda and Sarah) would attest to, I snooze my alarm clock every single morning and often for over an hour. When I was single, it wasn’t too terrible. I didn’t wake my roommates that often.

Now I’m married. And you’d think having an other half would help me get up on the first ring. Or even the second. The problem is JoMo does it tooooo! Nooooo!!! Now my habit and his habit have become our habit. And we can’t get out of bed. 

We’ve tried putting our phones on the other side of the room, in which case we’ll get out of bed, grab our phones, hit snooze and lie back down. We’ve tried using a real alarm clock (not our phones), but alas I have trust issues and still use my phone and the pattern continues.

So aside from all the “go to bed on time” or “eat better” or “have a routine” or any of those lifestyle adjustments that we try over and over – what alarm clocks are you using? What system do you have that gets you out of bed? Any good apps? Or are we just freaks of nature that can’t be helped?